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Don't be fooled by the code talk mumbo jumbo. The internet is not a big mystery. In plain, common terms, Pierce CMS can explain what your company Web site should ( or is) doing. Most sites function as a virtual brochure for businesses. Make sure all your advertising consistently drives customers to your Web address to have the strongest impact possible.

Does your company have a Web site? Does your Web site tell the customer why your company is the best?


Pierce Creative Marketing Service offers Web design and site redesign at a fraction of the regular design prices.

Dollars and sense: one of the cost prohibitive ways to reach your customer is through email. Do you have a business newsletter? Think about the effectiveness of putting your company name in front of the customer on a weekly or monthly basis.Every major corporation is doing it...why not yours?

Are you ready to put the wheels in motion?

Internet advertising: graphic design has been elevated to the next level with internet advertising. Through new mediums, proven design methods still work magnificently. Your internet ad should have the same impact as your print ads - and involve your audience while doing so. Take advantage of motion and sound on the internet. After all, you wouldn't just stand in front of your customer and not say anything would you? Explore the possibilities the virtual world offers - and watch the deposits grow.



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